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  • About BoRo Studio

    From Japanese Tradition to mindful repair process with Appreciation.

    Passion to Upcycle

    Repair, Mend, Stitch, and Revive the beautiful vintage swatches into another form of art.
    Following and respecting the Japanese Traditional Boro style, yet enjoying the possibility of mindful stitching.

    As Sashiko Artisans

    We are a group of Sashiko artisans.

    Sashiko is a process of stitching to repair, strengthen, decorate and appreciate the fabric. Boro is the ultimate result of Sashiko.

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    Take a look at what we are proud of. Get inspired and enjoy Boro!

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    Boro means a "rag"

    Boro (襤褸)originally means a piece of "rag"; the badly torn and damaged fabric after heavy usage.


    Boro was an ordinary work by the ordinary people in Japan. 


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    Think of someone.


    The Japanese used to say;


    "If you have a size of fabric big enough to wrap 3 soy beans, you gotta keep it."

    It was a wisdom to make Boro efficiently. The size of 2" square was good enough to patch the whole on their jacket or blanket.


    This saying is origin of Sashiko. The Japanese appreciated the fabric by repairing instead of replacing.


    Also, we have heard that:


    "A farmer wear only one Jacket throughout his entire life by his wife repairing it over and over. And then, his son will wear that for his entire life as well. "


    The repetition of repairing, and using it in daily life created the beauty of Boro.

  • Learn more about Boro.

    Upcycle Stitches LLC establish informative website

  • Boro & Sashiko Stories

    Atsushi talks about Boro & Sashiko in the Video.

    What is the difference of Boro & Sashiko?

    Sashiko is a process of hand-stitching with caring, and Boro is the ultimate result of Sashiko.

  • You may purchase our Boro Pieces.

    We sell our completely "one of a kind" Boro pieces on Etsy Store. Own Boro and Enjoy it.

  • Meet Our Team

    We are a group of Sashiko Artists. The Futatsuya direct the projects.

    Keiko Futatsuya

    An experienced Sashiko Designer, Artist, and directors. Most of the Boros in this page is created by her & under her direction.


    She offers Sashiko Arts, supplies and workshops in Takayama, Japan.


    Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is her project name.

    Atsushi Futatsuya

    Sashiko artist born in the surviving Sashiko family. A curator of Sashiko arts and other hand-crafting culture.


    Atsushi offers Sashiko Workshops in NYC.

    He also provide Sashiko supplies and tutorials over his website, "Upcycle Stitches"


    Enjoying a life of being a working at home father.

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